Why AltWays?

Unbiased solar advice

  • AltWays is an UNBIASED, INDEPENDENTLY OWNED, organization working to earn your trust. We have no exclusive ties to any Solar Installers, any specific product manufacturer or technology nor any preferred financing method or institution.
  • We are here to tell you the FACTS, POSSIBILITIES and OPTIONS you have to Go Solar.
  • TRANSPARENCY is the foundation of our business plan.
  •  AltWays is committed to the future of solar and making the world a better place.

AltWays offers solar expertise

The principals of AltWays bring a unique set of talents and experience to solve your marketing and technical needs.

  • MATTHIAS HERZOG brings 10+ years of EXPERIENCE in the photovoltaic industry working for some of the most successful Solar Integrators and Solar Distributors in the US.
  • His NETWORK includes many of the most established solar business leaders and solar engineers.
  • CRAIG BARZSO brings 30+ years of EXPERIENCE in Internet-based business development and sales, 5 of those years in solar marketing. He can provide profound INSIGHT into what works best in Web Technologies and SEO.
  • Craig’s long term RELATIONSHIPS to key figures in the business community and politics can help you develop your online marketing and sales network.

Most Solar marketing companies offer a “one size fits all approach” and try to generate a large volume of sales leads. You wind up chasing a lot of dead ends. AltWays offers you fully qualified sales leads plus a full suite of services that can be tailored to your customer acquisition goals.

  • All sales leads are yours to pursue on an EXCLUSIVE BASIS.
  • Our services are FREE for any prospective solar system owner.
  • You will deal with COMPANY PRINCIPALS and will not have to talk to multiple “sales-guys” on the phone or at your door.
  • AESTHETIC matters to us. We make sure your customers will like what will be installed on the roof.
  • PERSONAL but PROFESSIONAL ADVICE to help your clients in the process of Going Solar.
  • The FREE, UNBIASED AltWays Report* gives you vital data prior to any sales call and tempers Homeowner expectations.
    *Includes: Max System Size; Energy Production Estimate; Investment Cost; Potential Savings Outlook; Preliminary System
    Layout; Recommendations for Pre-Approved Solar Installers.
  • All of our SOLAR LEADS we offer are pre-qualified and of INCOMPARABLE QUALITY.
  • We will HOLD YOUR CLIENT’S HAND throughout the whole process of Going Solar.


The answers to 7 easy questions will derive the information you need to make an informed decision about going solar.
All you'll need is your power bills.