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AltWays’ mission is to provide a simple way for people interested in solar and other sustainable technologies to get to know one another and to find the information they need to make informed decisions. Our growing set of transaction tools make it easy to turn that information into action. The rapidly growing solar energy community needs a central source to connect consumers (both current and future users), manufacturers, installers, utility companies, educators, industry experts, retailers, government and environmentalists on a Worldwide basis. AltWays provides the meeting place, information and planning tools to help make this happen.

Solar Saves

AltWays is pleased to announce the release of its new Solar Project Estimator. This simple to use tool gives you a realistic view of the cost benefits of Going Solar today.

Have you been told that Solar electricity is expensive or complicated? Forget it. While it used to be true, the cost of going solar has dropped almost 80% in the past ten years!

Today, going solar can save $20,000 or more on your utility bills over the next 20 years. And great loan terms mean you’ll have no out of pocket expense.

AltWays is offering FREE solar evaluations for homes and businesses. Your analysis includes system specs, engineering drawings and details on what you will save.

To find out more, contact us and we will show you the new facts about Going Solar.

There is no obligation – start saving today!

System Design Services

AltWays offers optimized photovoltaic system design services from NABCEP certified engineers. Our Engineering Service include geospatial presentations of your anticipated installation, 3D Array Layouts, Energy Production Estimations

Energy Off-Set Calculations, Electrical Single Line Diagrams and complete Permitting Packages. All our System Designers have several years of design experience and use only the best available design software and calculation tools.

For all projects in Florida, AltWays can provide structural and wind load calculations certified and stamped by a local P.E. Engineer.

Residential & Commercial

• Proposal Array Layouts
• Permit Drawings (On-Grid & Off-Grid)
• Design Changes/Revisions
• As-Built Drawings
• P.E. Engineering Approval (Florida only)

Get a FREE Preliminary System Design with your first order!


The answers to 7 easy questions will derive the information you need to make an informed decision about going solar.
All you'll need is your power bills.