Custom Solutions for You and Your Clients


Custom Solutions for You and Your Clients

Most Solar marketing companies offer a “one size fits all approach” and try to generate a large volume of sales leads. You wind up chasing a lot of dead ends. AltWays offers you fully qualified sales leads plus a full suite of services that can be tailored to your customer acquisition goals.

  • All sales leads are yours to pursue on an EXCLUSIVE BASIS.
  • Our services are FREE for any prospective solar system owner.
  • You will deal with COMPANY PRINCIPALS and will not have to talk to multiple “sales-guys” on the phone or at your door.
  • AESTHETIC matters to us. We make sure your customers will like what will be installed on the roof.
  • PERSONAL but PROFESSIONAL ADVICE to help your clients in the process of Going Solar.
  • The FREE, UNBIASED AltWays Report* gives you vital data prior to any sales call and tempers Homeowner expectations.
    *Includes: Max System Size; Energy Production Estimate; Investment Cost; Potential Savings Outlook; Preliminary System
    Layout; Recommendations for Pre-Approved Solar Installers.
  • All of our SOLAR LEADS we offer are pre-qualified and of INCOMPARABLE QUALITY.
  • We will HOLD YOUR CLIENT’S HAND throughout the whole process of Going Solar.


The answers to 7 easy questions will derive the information you need to make an informed decision about going solar.
All you'll need is your power bills.